His True Image
August 10, 2014



So, this stunning quote is from one of my favorite saints: St. Josemaria Escriva! If you haven’t heard of him, check him out here. He is hard core, brilliant, and a saint for the ordinary…which is right up my alley! This quote, in particular, is essential to my daily life. I readily admit that I allow a person’s less-than-great qualities to drive me bananas, but this quote helps me keep myself in check! It forces me to self-reflect and act differently, especially after the husband has forgotten to close the closet doors 17 times…very annoying!



When the hubs introduced me to St. Josemaria and his AWESOME reflections (which can be found here), they hit me like a ton of bricks. In fact, every time I read them, they shake me to the core.  Just when you think you’re truly living out the Christian life to the best of your ability, you realize: you’re not. There is just so much more. More love. More depth. More practice. More work.

I think this simple, yet profound reflection, pushes me to see a person through God’s eyes or at least with a more compassionate heart. Its like God places these ‘people’ into my everyday life to push me to my limits…to push me to perfection…to push me to sainthood. After all, how am I suppose to grow in virtues if I don’t have anyone to practice them on? So I strive to live out God’s love in my everyday life, failing constantly, but persevering always, until His kingdom come.