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November 28, 2014


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I love my children dearly, but these past two weeks have given me a run for my money.  The husband and I are finally on the road to recovery.  We were hit by a week long (YES, I said week long) stomach bug that annihilated us.  Getting sick, means a messy house, no food in the fridge, mountains of dirty clothes, and very little time for blogging.  My nights were my sanity!

Thankfully, our daily shenanigans have ensued as usual and today I’m guest blogging over at Ordinary Lovely.  Theresa has a wonderful Kid-Made Gift Series running through December.  Perfect for those who, like me, try to avoid any remnants of ‘Black Friday’  Head on over to see our DIY coasters and some other great gift ideas!

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Happy Gifting!



November 13, 2014

This little girl is 7 months people!


I cannot believe that it has been seven months since my Chiquita was born!  I want time to stop.  She is growing so fast – playing with her brother and sister, crawling, getting teeth, eating, and exploring her world with confidence! 



It’s hard to accept that just a few precious months ago she was still inside of me and we anxiously awaited her arrival.  She has exceeded any and all expectations and makes our little family complete.  Her spirit, smile, spunk, and sass are SUPER.  Just like mommy!   🙂  Or so they say…




 I love her.  I can’t get enough of her.  I need her.  I waited for her.  She is perfect.


These two aren’t too shabby either!  😉


November 2, 2014


Requiem aeternam dona eis, Domine, et lux perpetua luceat eis. Requiescatant in pace. Amen.  


Amidst the chaos of what was this weekend (i.e. Halloween, All Saints’ Day, & All Souls’ Day), we were able to muddle through and be extremely thankful for the beautiful memories made this year.

 It was our first time participating in an All Saints’ Day parade with our homeschooling group and it was awesome.  I felt like I was helping ‘take back’ All Hallows’ Eve and allowing my children to experience what the Feast Day is really about!  Baby Girl dressed up as St. Lucy, gouged eyeballs and all.  Hermoso was St. Michael the Archangel.  He’s so stinkin’ cute… I know, I’m biased!




Amongst the many souls remembered today, we especially thought of our grandparents, my cousin whos birthday it was today, and Brittany Maynard, who sadly chose to end her life yesterday.  Our little family prayed a decade of the rosary for our dearly departed family and friends.  It was perfect.


 May the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.  Amen.





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