His True Image
March 2, 2016

So here I go. The truth. The whole truth. And noting but the TRUTH…so help me God!


Baby #4 is on the way and this precious soul has kept his mommy on the couch these past 16 weeks!  Praise God, I’m starting to gain back my strength and see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Although this pattern of ‘all day’ sickness for the first 4-5 months is typical, I still have high hopes that one of my pregnancies will be oh so wonderful and full of sunshine and lollipops!

So, in honor of the ‘big reveal’ and my feeling better, I dragged the whole family out this past Sunday morning to take some cliché pregnancy announcement photos.  Yes, I am that mom and yes I shall embrace the cliché!  =)

So, on to the photo dump!

DSC_0793 (2)PM




This babe is already SO loved and wanted!! Baby Girl and Hermoso want a baby brother, to even out the score, and Chiquita has no idea that she’s about to be dethroned… life is grand!  Mommy and Daddy just want a safe and healthy pregnancy, delivery, and baby!  

Last year, I consecrated myself to Mary, through Jesus,  and felt compelled to do the same for this new life growing in me.  I admit, I had not done this for any of my other children, but the graces bestowed on me through my own consecration led me to consecrate all of my children during this pregnancy. I know. I know. Total mommy fail, but better late than never!

I found an awesome printable of the prayer I used and encourage you to consecrate your kiddos if you’ve not already done so!  I love the feeling of peace I gain from offering all of my cares, woes, and joys to my Mother, Mary.  It’s the least I can do for these beloved souls that have been entrusted to me here on earth.

So, it is with immense joy and excitement that I announce the coming of our newest bundle!!!