His True Image
April 30, 2016

Hello everyone! This is Veronica’s husband taking over a little category on this blog called “homeschooling with papa”. When I married this blog host, I knew I had hit the lotto for my family: me1she’s super cute and an accomplished young woman with a post-graduate education and a love for her Roman Catholic faith. Our children were born to two teachers, and their mother gets to stay home to be their teacher.

This is a short post explaining why I started creating reading guides for The National Geographic Magazine and some background for how they work.

Background: We do our best to balance what we can (well, at least I do the dishes every night) and so when I come home from work, there is plenty to do to supplement the learning that the kids do during the day.

One resource that I’ve always wanted to introduce to my children was The National Geographic Magazine. As we end our oldest daughter’s second homeschooling year, I decided to take the Nat Geo and use it as a launching pad for exploring science, reading, geography, and the world that is academia.