His True Image
April 30, 2016

These pages collect some of the work we do “when Papa comes home”.

The National Geographic Magazine

Reading Guides for Catholic Homeschooling the NatGeo

an introduction and a “how-to”
April 2016: The Ark Shoot
May 2016: Yellowstone

Latin Language Studies

Introducing Latin to early elementary students

– Starting with Latin in early elementary

Astronomy (hopefully summer 2016)

homeschooling with papaAbout me

I gifted my children with a mother willing to stay home, accomplished with post-graduate education and a love for her Roman Catholic faith. May our children be the “works that praise her in the gates”.

So I come home to supplement her instruction.

My day job is high school teacher. I’ve taught for over a decade. Some topics include: English, Social Studies, Spanish, mentoring electives. After religion and family and work, I find great passion in the written word and in California Native Plants.